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VICTOR Calf Compression Sleeves
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Our compression sleeves are specially developed for the high demands in sports. Because of their elastic and anatomical fit they offer an optimal stabilization of the calf muscles and support the blood circulation. More energy, endurance and performance.Size : M( 34-38cm) , L (38-42cm)Material..
VICTOR Indoor Explosion socks
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Cushioning in all key areas with special shaping to ensure the perfect fit. The Indoor Explosion offers the highest level of impact protection for your feet.Size : 36-42 , 43-47Material : 60% Nylon, 40% Cotton..
VICTOR Indoor Performance
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Anatomically “preshaped”, with seamless and reshaped toe, cushion zones enhances comfort.Size : 36-42, 43-47Material : 82% Cotton, 12% Polyester, 6% Synthetic...
VICTOR Indoor Sport 3000
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Indoor Sportsock with gorgeous comfort and seamless toe-hood!Size : one size fits allMaterial : 80% Cotton, 20% Polyester...
VICTOR Sneaker Sock
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Soft band and sole with heel-protection. Elastic archsupport stops creasing. Very comfortable feel. 4-Channel thread.Size : One size fits all.Material : 56%Polyester, 44% Cotton...
VICTOR Socks SK 139F
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Sport socks with strong cuff and elastic arch support.Size : One size fits allMaterial : 64% cotton, 20% polyester, 16% synthetic..
VICTOR Socks SK 239Q
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Sport socks with strong cuff and elastic arch support.Size : one size fits allMaterial : 64 % cotton, 16% synthetic , 20% polyester..
VICTOR Summer Uni 09
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With ripples for perfect fit and big air circulation. Ankle cushion, heel cushion, instep and toe cushion for less friction.Size : One size fits allMaterial : 53 % cotton, 19 % polyester, 28% synthetic..
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