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VICTOR Queen - top quality/price
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Well-known all over the world as a functional durable shuttle. For practice and competition.100 % duck feathersSpeed: 77, 78..
This FZ Forza Hybrid S-5000 3 in 1 is a hybrid shuttle that has a plastic skirt in the cork cap, in which the feathers sense. These shuttles are very suitable for fanatic players who are looking for a good, sustainable training shuttle with a great flight. This hybrid shuttle has a better flight tha..
FZ FORZA S-5000 пачи пера
Налични скорости: 77 и78.You can order the FZ Forza S-5000 here. This feather shuttle from FZ Forza is perfect for training at a good price. The durability and flight of this shuttle are slightly better than the S-3000. The FZ Forza S-5000 is available in 2 speeds, the slower 77 or the faster 78. Sp..
VICTOR Champion No. 1
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The CHAMPION No. 1 is the top of the range duck feather shuttlecock from VICTOR. Made using grade A duck feathers and a composite cork base, the CHAMPION No. 1 enjoys greater flight consistency and durability.100% duck feathersSpeed: 77..
VICTOR GoldChampion
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Used for several important tournaments, official shuttle in Germany and other countries worldwide. Featuring high grade goose feather and premium cork.100% goose feathersSpeed : 76, 77, 78..
VICTOR GoldMaxima
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Resilient practise and tournament shuttle, with new cork, stabilising the feathers. Category A-shuttle in the Netherlands.100 % duck feathersSpeed : 77, 78..
VICTOR Master Ace
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VICTOR'S top shuttle. BWF approved and official shuttle worldwide. Official tournament shuttle of the VICTOR Korean Open Super Series.100% goose feathers.Speed : 77,78..
VICTOR Pro Court
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Inexpensive shuttle for practice. Also available as 6 pcs tube.100% duck feathersSpeed: 77..
VICTOR Service
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The absolute bestseller. For decades one of the bestselling shuttles.100% goose feathersSpeed : 77,78..
VICTOR Special
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Tournament shuttle officially for Austria.100% duck feathersSpeed : 77..
The FZ Forza VIP shuttles are the perfect tournament level feather shuttle. Available in 2 speeds, these shuttles offer excellent flight and durability. Double tested for speed and durability in flight..
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